What started out as a dream is now a reality. The idea of opening up the business came to Ms. Maria Rebecca Valera one faithful night. However, establishing a native fashion accessories business doesn’t materialize overnight.

She has always had a passion for fashion. Born from crafty parents, she was exposed early to the world of handicrafts. Working as a radio broadcaster, craft-making was mostly her hobby. However, difficult times came and she needed a way to make a living.

The journey of Avictus started one night. She dreamed about the past. When her then partner, had hidden all of her materials.

Like most artists, Maria Rebecca, aka Avic, was a messy person when it comes to her art materials. She wasn’t messy when it comes to other things. She kept her house clean and orderly. But, when it comes to her crafting area, as messy as it could be, she knows exactly where she’ll find whatever she might need.

Opportunities opened up for her that lead to her pursuing business. She attended seminars that improved her skills in craft-making.

Passion, creativity, and hard work are what made Avictus a thriving business. Just like her products, Avic is bold and brilliant. She embodies Avictus. An array of native fashion accessories that is eye-catching and breath-taking.

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