Mission and Vision


Avictus’ mission is to embody the Bicolanos ingenious creativity. We create beautiful accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and belts. All these creations are made with the primary material our brand is known for — the pili shells. The pili shell accessories are a way for people to know and learn about the culture of the Bicolanos.

We are making it possible by doing everything we can to give exposure to our crafts.


Avictus is no longer just a business to raise money for the family. It is an avenue to teach others not just of the Bicolano culture but also as a way for others to make a livelihood for themselves. We try, as much as we can, to open up ways for other people to learn how to make their own accessories.

Whether for business or just a hobby, learning something new is always a special skill to have. Avictus aims to give people a new way of expressing their creativity through the art of handicraft making.