What We Do

Avictus is a handicraft business that specializes in the making of accessories made mainly from indigenous materials such as pili and coconut shells. We are a local handicrafts store that creates bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and belts. What we do is we turn something that’s about to be thrown away into something beautiful.

We attend lots of trade fairs to introduce the products to more people outside of the Bicol region. Most of the time we join conventions that are usually held in Metro Manila. You can check this page to know where you can find us next.

Attending trade fairs and conventions give us an opportunity to expose our products so that more people get to know about them. It’s not just for our own business, but also for a lot of Bicolanos as well.

We also taught in a lot of training to teach more people how to make accessories. We believe that by doing this we open opportunities for others to reach success too. Check out this page to know when and where we will be having training. 

If you want to be regularly updated for our events, visit and give us a like on our Facebook page.